prof. dr hab. David Blaschke

Selected Presentations:

Charmonium Production in Dense Matter
Polish Heavy-Ion Collisions Meeting, Wroclaw, 16.10.2006

Quark Rearrangement Charmonium Kinetics in Dense Matter
Virtual Institute Workshop, GSI Darmstadt, 09.05.2007

Charmonium Kinetics in Dense Matter
Institute Seminar, IFT Wroclaw, 25.05.2007

Mott Effect and Deconfinement in the Strongly Coupled Quark Gluon Plasma
390th WEH Seminar, Bad Honnef, 17.07.2007

Matter under Extreme Conditions in Compact Stars and at CBM
IKP Seminar, FZ Juelich, 05.03.2008

Charmonium in Dense Matter
Group Seminar, University of Wroclaw, 08.04.2008

Heavy Quarkonia Dissociation Rates
CATHIE Miniworkshop, INT Seattle, 18.06.2009

Charmonium Dissociation in Dense Hadronic Matter
TORIC Workshop, Villasimius, 29.09.2010

QM Evolution of Quarkonia in a Hot, Dense Plasma
Heavy Quark Workshop, Purdue University, 05.01.2011

Mott Dissociation of Heavy Quarkonia
EMMI Miniworkshop "Quarkonia in Deconfined Medium", Acitrezza, 30.09.2011