prof. dr hab. David Blaschke

Selected Presentations: EoS and Compact Stars

Constraints on the high-density EoS from compact star observations
Workshop of the Virtual Institute, Rathen (Sächs. Schweiz), 15.10.2006

Equation of state at high densities and moden compact star observations
5th Center of Excellence International Symposium, Sendai, 15.02.2007

Towards QCD modeling of dense matter in compact stars
Workshop on Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics, Orsay, 12.04.2007

New maps for a walk in the T - mu plane
Polish Heavy-Ion Collisions Meeting, Cracow, 18.05.2007

Color superconductivity in compact stars ?
Seminar am MPI-PKS, Dresden, 30.05.2007

Phase diagrams: from Compact Stars to Superdense Matter
Conference on Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement, Darmstadt, 13.07.2007

Color superconducting quark matter in compact stars
Seminar at CAMK Warsaw, 28. November 2007

CompStar & phase diagrams for stars and dense matter
Miniworkshop at the University of Rostock, 21.12.2007

Color superconducting quark matter in compact stars
Quark Matter 2008, Jaipur, 09.02.2008

Deconfinement in the Cosmos: Quark Matter Phases and Explosive Phenomena in Astrophysics
Transfer of Knowledge Seminar, Warszawa, 14.02.2008

Color Spin Locking in Compact Stars
Three Days of Strong Interaction, Spa, 06.03.2008

High-density EoS and Compact Stars
DPG Spring Meeting, Darmstadt, 11.03.2008

Down-quark Dripline in Compact Stars
Theoretical Issues in Nuclear Astrophysics, Orsay, 04.04.2008

Mapping the QCD phase transition with accreting compact stars
10 years of Accreting Millisecond X-Ray Pulsars, Amsterdam, 17.04.2008

Dense Matter & Quarkyonic Phases in Compact Stars
CompStar Workshop, Coimbra, 13.02.2009

From HIC to Quark(yonic) Matter & Compact Stars ?
Institute Seminar, Uni Zagreb, 19.10.2009

Exploration of the QCD Phase Diagram with Heavy-Ion Collisions and Compact Stars
Colloquium, Humboldt Uni Berlin, 15.12.2009

From QCD to Compact Star Phenomenology: Role of Color Superconductivity
NFQCD Workshop, YITP Kyoto, 25.01.2010

M-R Constraints from qLMXB: CFL Core Twins and Cooling
CompStar Workshop, GANIL Caen, 15.02.2010

Phase Transitions in Strongly Interacting Many-Particle Systems
CoSyNoDy Seminar, Wroclaw, 26.03.2010

Probing Dense Matter with Compact Stars
Dense Matter Workshop, Stellenbosch, 06.04.2010

The quest for the dense matter phase diagram and EoS
HIC 10 - Theory Institute, CERN Geneva, 10.09.2010

Bound states and Mott effect in strongly correlated plasmas
FAIR-Russia Research Center School, Moscow, 03.12.2010

Compressed baryon matter at NICA
Association of Young Scientists Conference, Dubna, 17.02.2011

Recent surprises from observations of compact stars
Bogoliubov Laboratory for Theoretical Physics, Dubna, 24.02.2011

Chiral condensate and chemical freeze-out
30 Years of Strong Interactions, Spa, 07.04.2011

Recent surprises from observations of Compact Stars [ppt]
Encontro de Fisica, Iguazu Falls, 08.06.2011

Recent surprises from observations of Compact Stars [ppt]
Yerevan State University, Yerevan, 02.09.2011

Strangeness in Astrophysics of Compact Stars
Conference "Strange Quark Matter 2011", Polish Academy of Arts, Cracow, 22.09.2011

Generalized Beth-Uhlenbeck EoS for the hadron-to-quark matter transition
7. Conference "Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement", Wuhan, 07-11.11.2011

Exploring the QCD phase transition at highest baryon densities with NICA-MPD and FAIR-CBM
School "Physics of High Energy Density Matter", FAIR-Russia Research Center, Moscow, 21.11.2011

Generalized Beth-Uhlenbeck EoS for the nonideal quark plasma
Seminar "Nonideal Plasma Physics", Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 23.11.2011

Lattice QCD Thermodynamics and Mott-Hagedorn Resonance Gas
Generalized Beth-Uhlenbeck EoS for the hadron-to-quark matter transition
Polish Heavy-Ion Community Meeting, Hucisko, 16.-18.12.2011

Polyakov-DSE models: From (lattice) quark propgators to the QCD phase diagram
Seminar at Faculty of Physics, University Bielefeld, 10.05.2012