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  • R. Alicki (Gdansk)
    "Quantum heat engines"

  • D. Bakry (Toulouse)
    "Diffusion processes with polynomial eigenvectors"

  • A. Barchielli (Milano)
    "Non-Markovian evolutions, continuous observations and feedback control of quantum systems"

  • F. Benatti (Trieste)
    "Quantum fluctuations and meso-scopic dissipative dynamics"

  • H. P. Breuer (Freiburg)
    "Markovian and Non-Markovian Quantum Dynamics of Open Systems"

  • R. Carbone (Pavia)
    "Quantum Markovian evolutions"

  • D. Chruscinski (Torun)
    "Witnessing non-Markovianity of quantum evolution"

  • J. Derezinski (Warszawa)
    "On the excitation spectrum of quantum gases"

  • W. De Roeck (Leuven)
    "Rigorous expansion techniques for Quantum dissipative systems"

  • F. Hiroshima (Fukuoka)
    "Spectrum of semi-relativistic QED by a Gibbs measure"

  • T. Kulczycki (Wroclaw)
    "The Steklov problem and fluid oscillations"

  • M. Kwasnicki (Wroclaw)
    "Non-local operators, semigroups and spectral theory"

  • R. Lo Franco (Palermo)
    "Overview on the dynamics of quantum correlations within independent non-Markovian environments: foundations and applications"

  • A. Majewski (Gdansk)
    "Dynamical semi-groups in the Orlicz space formalism"

  • S. Maniscalco (Edinburgh/Turku)
    "Non-Markovian quantum jumps"

  • M. Ottobre (London)
    "Irreversible dynamics and Markov Chain Monte Carlo"

  • C-A. Pillet (Toulon)
    "Algebraic structure of nonequilibrium quantum statistical mechanics"

  • B. Vacchini (Milano)
    "Quantum and classical aspects of non – Markovianity"

  • B. Zegarlinski (London)
    "Irreversible nonlinear dynamics of large interacting systems"