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K.M.G. I work at the Institute of Theoretical Physics (Wroclaw University). I am interested in particle and nuclear physics. I am also an enthusiast of neural network computations.

My private life focuses on my family (see my wife-site), mountain biking, trekking, films, books, swimming, skating, photography, (see more.

...we have gone in different direction, sacrificing theoretical adequacy for simplicity
we shall choose a relativistic theory which is naive and obviously wrong in its simplicity,
but which is definite and in which we can calculate as many things as possible not expecting
the results to agree exactly with experiment but to see how closely our
''shadow of the truth'' equation gives a partial reflection of reality.

R. Feynman, M. Kislinger, F. Ravandal, Phys. Rev. D3, (1971) 2706