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Maciej Matyka (Ph.D.)

Assistant professor

University of Wroclaw
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Complex Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics (CoSyNoDy) Group
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    Journal Papers

    1. Matyka, M. (MPC), (in preparation)

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    Conference Proceedings

    1. Tomasz Bednarz, Steven Psaltis, John Taylor, Maciej Matyka, Ian Turner (QUT), COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS AND GPUS, 11th International conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, 7-9 December 2015
    2. M. Matyka, J. Golembiewski, Z. Koza, The velocity distribution in a random porous medium Proc. of the 5th International Conference on Porous Media and Their Applications in Science, Engineering and Industry (2014)
    3. Matyka, M. and Koza,Z., How to Calculate Tortuosity Easily?, AIP Conf. Proc. 1453, 17-22 (2012)
    4. Matyka, M., Miroslaw, L., Koza,Z., Performance of open source implementations of the Lattice Boltzmann methods on CPU and GPU (polish), The computer-aided scientific research (KOWBAN) XVIII (2011)
    5. Koza, Z., Matyka, M., Szkoda, S., Miroslaw, L., Pola, J., Application of GPGPU technology to computational science (polish), The computer-aided scientific research (KOWBAN) XVIII (2011)
    6. Matyka, M. and Ollila, M., A pressure model for soft body simulation, Proc. of Sigard (2003)

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