CFD in Wrocław #1

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31 March 2015, 10:00-14:00
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Pl. M. Borna 9, room 60 (J. Rzewuskiego)


The aim of the workshop is to gather people from all over Wrocław who are engaged in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Talk schedule

(5 min.) dr inż. Ziemowit Malecha (PWr) Opening.

(30 min.) dr Maciej Matyka (IFT) Fluid dynamics, porous media and GPUs.

(15 min.) Jaroslaw Golembiewski (IFT) How to digitize glass beads.

(30 min.) dr inż. Ziemowit Malecha (PWr) OpenFOAM for science and engineering.

(30 min.) Coffee break (served by us)

(45 min.) dr Marcin Dabrowski (PIG) Fluid mechanics in Earth sciences.

(20 min.) Andrzej Kosior (PWr, Vratis) Accelerating engineering and medical simulations on GPUs.

(20 min.) Andrzej Kosior (PWr, Vratis) Parallel computation of vortex tube reconnection using GPUs and the 3D vortex–in–cell method.

Lunch (on your own) in WFiA canteen ~13:00


dr Maciej Matyka (maciej.matyka [at]
Jaroslaw Golembiewski
dr inz. Ziemowit Malecha

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