Computational Fluid Dynamics in Wrocław #6 (CFD in Wrocław #6)

14. June 2019, 9:30-12, WFA, pl. M. Borna 9, room 60 (im. J. Rzewuski)
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Short talks (start 9:30, 20 m)
Michał Dzikowski (PIG): Two-phase flow in a plane-walled fracture with circular obstacles: LBM, FEM and experimental investigation
Robert Rauch (Collins Aerospace): Optimization of airflow through radiator for Formula Student racecar
Ziemowit Malecha (PWr): Large Amplitude Streaming
Marcin Kostur (US): Flow simulations in coronary arteries with LBM

Keynote, (start 11:00, 1h)
prof. Anthony Ladd (University of Florida): Dissolution at the pore scale: comparing simulations and experiments

The workshop is free and open for all scientists and students.

Subjects: fluid flow, porous media, geology, computational physics, computer graphics


Maciej Matyka, IFT WFA UWr, maciej.matyka [at]
Marcin Dąbrowski, PIG, MDABR [at]
Ziemowit Malecha, PWr, TBA