This year we stay online. We start 18th June, @zoom (link), 3pm (CEST)
You may use:
Meeting ID: 739 637 0235
Password: CFDWRO2020

Talks (15 minutes each + 5min for Q&A)

- Michał Dzikowski: Is slip at phase boundaries related to the thermodynamic inconsistency of Shan-Chen type LBM multipahse models?
- Liang Yu, Piotr Szymczak and Anthony Ladd: Simulations of a dissolving disk: comparison of finite-volume and conformal mapping methods
- Dawid Strzelczyk, Tomasz Wacławczyk: Solution to coupled advection and reinitialization equations using RBF-FD method
- R. Roded, P. Szymczak, R. Holtzman: Wormholing in anisotropic media: Pore orientation effect on large-scale patterns
- Ziyao Liu and Anthony Ladd: Chemical reaction rates at a rotating disk: effects of low-Re instabilities in the flow
- Antoni Nuszkiewicz, Tomasz Szawełło, Karol Łukanowski, Piotr Szymczak: Can the cardiovascular system emerge from 3 simple equations?
- Tomasz Wacławczyk: Non-equilibrium, statistical model of the non-flat interface
- Robert Straka and Radek Fučík: Recurrence equations & Lattice Boltzmann Methods
- Stanisław Żukowski, Oleg Kmechak: Network Formation as Self-Organised Growth
- Rishabh Prakash Sharma, Max P Cooper, Anthony J.C. Ladd, Piotr Szymczak: Flowfield study in dissolved porous media
- Maciej Matyka: LBM Tau 1

!! submissions opened till 11th June !!