Three Days of Strong Interactions

Wrocław (Poland)    9. - 11. VII. 2009

EMMI Workshop and XXVI Max Born Symposium


This International Symposium will be devoted to problems of theoretical description of nonperturbative quantum field theory and many-body physics of strong interactions and hadronic matter at high densities and/or high temperatures, as well as applications to heavy ion collisions and astrophysics.

  1. Hadrons in the Medium

  2. Equation of State and Phase Transition

  3. Hadron Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions

  4. Dense Matter in Compact Stellar Objects

  5. Cold Quantum Gases


Topics and Scope


David Blaschke

(Wrocław & Dubna)

Krzysztof Redlich


Ludwik Turko


Daniel Zabłocki


Advisory Board:

Jean-Paul Blaizot


Peter Braun-Munzinger

(GSI Darmstadt)

Joseph Cugnon


Bengt Friman

(GSI Darmstadt)

Dirk Rischke


Frithjof Karsch

(Brookhaven & Bielefeld)

Johanna Stachel


Jochen Wambach


Pictures taken by R. Anglani

Institute of Theoretical Physics organized with the Institute of Theoretical Physics of University Leipzig, since 1970, two seminars alternatively in Wrocław and Leipzig, as a part of the collaboration program. After 1989 these meetings changed to Max Born Symposia, organized by the Institute since 1991 approximately twice a year. Max Borns name was chosen, as this Nobel Prize winner was born and educated in Wrocław. He attended the gymnasium here and started his studies at the local university. 

Further information about Max Born Symposia 1991 – 2006 are given here.

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