Three Days on Quarkyonic Island

Wrocław (Poland)    19. - 21. V. 2011

HIC for FAIR Workshop and
XXVIII Max Born Symposium

Satellite meeting for Quark Matter 2011


This workshop at the eve of the annual Quark Matter conference joins experts in QCD at finite temperature and density from theory, heavy-ion collision experiments and astronuclear physics in analyzing the present status of the "quarkyonic island" in the QCD phase diagram. The workshop will be centered around the following topics:

  1. QCD phase diagram and equation of state

  2. Nonequilibrium and transport phenomena
    in hot, dense QCD matter

  3. Hadron and lepton pair production in
    heavy-ion collisions

  4. QCD phases in supernova collapses,
    compact stars and binary mergers


Topics and Scope


David Blaschke

(Wrocław & Dubna)

Marcus Bleicher

(FIAS & Frankfurt)

Carsten Greiner


Local organizers:

Ludwik Turko


Krzysztof Redlich


Rafał Łastowiecki


Jakub Jankowski




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+48 695 932 895

Institute of Theoretical Physics organized with the Institute of Theoretical Physics of University Leipzig, since 1970, two seminars alternatively in Wrocław and Leipzig, as a part of the collaboration program. After 1989 these meetings changed to Max Born Symposia, organized by the Institute since 1991 approximately twice a year. Max Borns name was chosen, as this Nobel Prize winner was born and educated in Wrocław. He attended the gymnasium here and started his studies at the local university. 

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