Three Days of critical behaviour in hot and dense QCD

Wrocław (Poland)    14 - 16 June. 2013

XXXI Max Born Symposium and HIC for FAIR Workshop


The focus of this workshop is to address questions related with the phase structure of hot and dense QCD matter and its phenomenological consequences. Of particular interest will be the relation between deconfinement and chiral symmetry restoration:

What can theory and heavy-ion collision experiments provide to its clarification?
Can the equation of state be extracted from observations of compact stars?

A theoretical description of these phenomena necessarily involves the equation of state, fluctuations, and transport properties of QCD matter which are derived from lattice gauge theory and nonperturbative quantum field theories of many-body physics for strong interactions.

Large scale simulations are required to link theory and experiment and to answer the key question at this meeting which, however, may be still with us during the next decade of upcoming new experiments, observations and theoretical developments. Topics and scope:

  1. Dynamical chiral models for the QCD phase
    diagram and EoS

  2. Nonequilibrium and transport phenomena
    in hot, dense QCD matter

  3. Extreme states of matter in astrophysics
    and cosmology

  4. Lattice QCD simulations and interpretation


Topics and Scope



David Blaschke

(Wrocław & Dubna)

Marcus Bleicher

(FIAS & Frankfurt)

L. McLerran

(BNL Brookhaven)

Local organizers:

Ludwik Turko


A. Wergieluk


D. E. Alvarez Castillo

(Wrocław & Dubna)



+48 793 109 396
+48 695 932 895

Since 1970, the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Wroclaw organized together with the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Leipzig two seminars per year, alternating between Leipzig and Wroclaw, as part of a collaboration program. Max Born's name was chosen, as this Nobel Prize winner was born and educated in Wrocław. He attended the gymnasium here and started his studies at the local university. 

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